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20 July 2024

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Sat 13 Jul 2024

About us

Keeping the Basingstoke Canal Alive for the enjoyment of our local communities!

Thank you for visiting The Basingstoke Canal Society Lottery page.

The Basingstoke Canal today is a lovely stretch of water, towpaths and parks, winding its way for 32 miles through North Hampshire and Surrey, and is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) with a unique natural habitat.

The Canal no longer reaches Basingstoke itself and currently terminates at the Greywell tunnel near Odiham. The section of Canal that runs through the Basingstoke and Deane area (called the “Last 5 miles”) has long been unnavigable and is impassable in parts, having been finally blocked by the collapse of the tunnel in 1932, with the construction of the M3 and housing developments in the 60s, and years of overgrowth.

However, the course of the Canal is well documented and can still be seen in many places. It has long been an aspiration of the Canal Society to reconnect the navigable section in Greywell with its historical destination in the centre of Basingstoke. The plan is to create a public footpath that follows the original route so far as it is possible. An accompanying walks leaflet would be produced, and signage and information boards would also be installed.

There is a lot of work to be done. Working with Basingstoke Voluntary Action, Basingstoke and Deane Borough and Hampshire County Councils, the Society will be negotiating with landowners, clearing the towpath where it exists, re-laying it where it doesn't, and assisting with repairs to canal structures. One landmark along the route, Little Tunnel Bridge (which is an original bridge constructed by tunnelling) is a Grade II listed building that needs costly repairs to make it safe. Nearby there is a section of canal called the ‘Brickwork’s Arm’ which was the site of a brickworks.

There is a lot of history to discover along the Basingstoke Canal. It also provides exercise, leisure and wellbeing advantages. 

By completing the Last 5 miles footpath, residents of B&D will be also able to benefit from the Canal as an amenity and a link to local history.

We need your help to start funding the planning work. We also hope to start with installing information points to explain the project.

So please support us with the Last 5 miles project by participating in this lottery.

Thank you and good luck!

Ken Sankey

Director, The Basingstoke Canal Society

To find out more about the Society, please visit our website at or our Facebook page.

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